Bangladesh Business

Our aim is twofold: to help Swedish and other Nordic companies develop and expand their business operations by introducing, sourcing, outsourcing and establishing them on the Bangladeshi market, and to help international companies invest and expand in Sweden.

The company is based in Stockholm and has a subsidiary in Dhaka. We provide hands-on local support and guidance in both locations. Our approach is grounded in Nordic business culture and norms and our business model is based on mutual trust where both success and risk is shared with our partners. We are committed to delivering quality service regardless of the size of our partner or scope of the project.


We provide:

  • Business Support Office – Company formation and registration, office services, network and partner development, sourcing, outsourcing
  • Management Services – Board member, operative management, consulting and transaction services
  • Investment Services – Find partners, expansion and investment
  • People and Skills Services – Recruiting service, mentorship and leadership training




Our values

- Quality of Service

- Commitment

- Create value



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